Inspire2Strive (I2S) is the initiative of Irma Schutte who is an experienced social worker and Dr Ronel Duchen who is an experienced psychologist. The unique methodologies and interviewing tools used by I2S has put us at the forefront of innovation in the fields of assessment, therapeutic intervention, mediation, forensic investigations in family law matters, and parenting coordination.

Overseeing and resolving disagreements between family members can be a daunting task, and there is a lot to learn when tackling these complicated problems. That is why I2S is here to help with specially tailored toolkits and workshops designed to help you assess individuals and families, facilitate the necessary disputes and conduct therapy in various contexts.

Irma Schutte

Irma Schutte is a senior social worker with twenty-five years ‘experience in the field of child and family care. She obtained the degree BA (SW) in 1987 and her MA (SW) Cum Laude in 1995. She worked in the child and family care system for ten years before embarking on the academic field of employment, joining the University of Pretoria.   Mrs Schutte has been in private practice since 1996. Her areas of specialisation are all matters relating to families and children, divorce, sexual abuse, child therapy and mediation.
Mrs Schutte was also the founder of the annual conference: “Dealing with children and divorce”, aimed at linking different professions in the field of divorce and providing them with skills to deal more effectively with divorce-related matters. Mrs Schutte is also a contributor to various workshops which are presented nationally.

Dr Ronel Duchen

B.Sc (Mathematical Sciences), NHED, B.Sc (Hon) and MA (Psychology) CUM LAUDE, D.Litt et Phil [UJ]
Dr Ronel Duchen has been practising as a Counselling psychologist since July 1994. She holds the following degrees from RAU: BSc (Mathematical Sciences), National Higher Education Diploma, BSc (Hon), MA (Psychology) (Cum aude) and a D.Litt. et Phil. Her practice consists of psycho-legal work and includes psychological assessments and testifying in civil and criminal matters. She has testified as an expert witness in the High, Regional and Magistrate Courts, as well as the CCMA. The focus of her work is assessment, mediation and the drafting of Parenting Plans.
Dr Duchen serves on the panel of experts working with the Office of the Family Advocate. She is a trained mediator and provides continuous professional development training and supervision. Dr Duchen developed the Familyzone Grid System.

The philosophy of family Mediation according to us:
In a confidential mediation setting, it is the responsibility of the mediator to help each member to communicate what is important to the other. With help from our toolkits and workshops you are able to do the following:

  • identify the issues;
  • prioritize the issues one at a time;
  • discuss possible solutions;
  • come to agreement about plans and financial issues;
  • have a draft prepared of their emerging agreement; and
  • review, revise, and prepare the agreement for signing.
What are the financial advantages of mediation over litigation?
Family mediation takes away the need to work with two separate lawyers who handle the negotiations, which becomes a lot more expensive due to the following:

  • Mediator hourly fees are a lot less.
  • Lawyers charge extra for more hours of work to make decisions because they get paid for the time they spend communicating on your behalf.
  • Litigious approaches to divorce also involve a lot of inefficiently used time, including costly procedural actions (e.g. filing declarations and motions, depositions, discovery, countless back-and-forth communications between the lawyers, etc.), whereas mediation is a very straightforward approach. The Agreement that emerges from mediation can easily be incorporated into a court order.

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